About Services 

Energy Healing

You can practice energy work and integrate it into your life in many ways. Realigning through reiki can help you to restore mental,

physical, and emotional imbalances.

If you're new to energy work, consider joining me for a consultation session where I can share more information about the healing power

of unblocking non-physical energy.

Shadow Work

Psychologist Carl Jung describes the shadow as the "unknown side"

of one's self. There is an underlying aspect of our personality that is not identified by the conscious ego. Together, we can work to help you to own your power and meet the shadow within.


Join me for an Energy Healing Session to get started.

Mind/Body Connection

Our mindset and outlook can actively affect the health of our bodies. Conversely, how we treat our bodies can both positively and negatively affect our mental state. Mind/Body therapies can help us to tap into this interrelated energy and become more fully aware of its impact on our whole selves. Check back often for updates on workshops, coaching, and attunement sessions.

About Caitlin Blackburn

Caitlin is an energy worker, licensed social worker, intuitive guide, and Reiki Master based in CT.  She discovered a deep passion for the healing arts while on her own healing journey and is dedicated to sharing its benefits with others. Before being introduced to energy work, she was at a place in her life where she felt as though she had tried EVERYTHING in order to heal from past traumas. She was depressed, anxious, and felt very “out of control.” 


She was engaging in therapy sessions, had participated in therapeutic groups, was exercising, exploring positive affirmations, and was journaling. Nothing seemed to work in the long term. She was convinced that she would never actually feel any better. 


A friend had suggested the practice of reiki to Caitlin but, at the time, she was too afraid to try it. Once she finally took a step forward to see what reiki was all about, it completely changed her life. She started feeling better and could not really explain it, but she knew, in part, that reiki was a major component of her recovery. 


The more she learned about energy healing, it became very clear that this was her true calling.  Under the guidance of many powerful healers and teachers, Caitlin rose to the level of Usui Reiki Master. She now feels better able to embrace all aspects of her life, from the joys of going on sushi dates with her husband, practicing yoga, singing, drinking coffee with friends, and spending quality time with family to life’s more difficult experiences of loss, grief, anxiety, stress, and self doubt.  She has found that she is better able to be present and enjoy all of the wonderful things, while also having the tools to navigate difficult emotions and situations. 


Caitlin is passionate about sharing energy healing with those around her. She has personally found it to be both powerful and effective, and is honored and excited to help others along their healing journey as well.