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Energy Healing

You can practice energy work and integrate it into your life in many ways. Realigning through reiki can help you to restore mental,

physical, and emotional imbalances.

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Individual Therapy

Whatever the situation, if you're feeling anxious, discouraged, and even hopeless, it is important to have someone with you to sit with you in the discomfort and pain. Caitlin is ready to walk with you and guide you through your journey towards healing and growth. With an emphasis on holistic healing, she focuses on the mind/body connection in order to help you come back to full alignment. Using a collaborative and client driven approach, Caitlin provides a safe, non-judgmental space for deep and lasting change.

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About Caitlin Blackburn

Caitlin is a Holy Fire III Reiki Master/Teacher, licensed therapist, and poet from Connecticut.  She discovered a deep passion for the healing arts while on her own journey of self-discovery.  She now works as an individual therapist, Reiki practitioner, and workshop facilitator.  Caitlin utilizes a holistic approach by incorporating Reiki, meditation, sound healing, writing, and full-body expression. It is her belief that deep healing happens in community- when we feel seen, heard, and fully supported.  

It her honor and privilege to help others along their own paths to come home to their own true selves.

In September of 2022 she published her first collection of poetry, "another beginning."  This collection explores the depths of despair and describes a courageous battle to find safe ground and push off from it to experience joy in all its forms.

"We're all just walking each other home." -Ram Dass

My Approach
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